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Welcome, I'm sO glad you're here!

It takes a lot of courage to carve your own path {yes, we're diving right in}! With everything going on in the world over the past couple years, it's now more important than ever to have the support you need.

I trust that divine timing has led you here for a reason... you're not about playing small or letting your fear get in the way. You are smart, courageous and called to make an impact on this planet. 

You know the extreme value of having someone by your side who believes in you, cheers you on, and helps hold the vision when you can't hold it yourself. You've already come so far... you've put in years of work and are ready to take the next step.

Your Soul is calling...
Are you ready to listen?

Together we'll scrape away the facade of "doing what you're supposed to do" and restructure your life {and your business} around not only what you're meant to do, but who you are at your core...

your essence self and your unique intuitive gifts.


I believe in the power of the ripple effect- and my personal calling is to contribute more healing energy to the planet. I do that by helping others heal, grow, and learn to express their most authentic selves with love. I've been working with clients for 9+ years remotely, and know how to support people through major transition and transformation from afar-- whether you're a Soul-Based Business Owner or ready to take your spiritual life to a deeper level. I've got you!


My role is to hold space for your Soul to guide us in this process...

It is a powerful conversation   between 

You, Me & Spirit

I love providing exquisite emotional and energetic support for other healers, coaches and spiritually curious leaders who often support others. My clients tend to identify as women, nonbinary, trans and gender non-conforming folks who are here to make a difference.


It's time to fill yourself back up, and have someone by your side who believes in you fully and is cheering you on as you carve your own unique path in the world! 


I am excited to connect and hold space for you as our world continues to change and you find the next right steps on your path forward... in business and in life. Read more about my story... 

"Meg has an uncanny talent for revealing deeper truths. These are insights unavailable to me until she performs her powerful magic in our work together.
Meg is profoundly creative, attuned to mystery, and so very wise."

- Lauren Powers, MCC, Executive Coach 

 featured offering 

Soul~Aligned Branding


Calling all Soul-based Entrepreneurs!

Are you tired of filling out worksheets that draw solely from your logical brain? Feel like something is missing? Worried you can't quite capture what you want to express to your clients?

I get it. I was SO over answering the same questions over and over and picking colors I was drawn to but didn't quite feel right. It took WAY TOO LONG to find a method that honored both my intuitive side AND distilled what I wanted to express visually.


When I found this Soul-Aligned Branding method my whole being lit up! It's all here. ALL of YOU is welcome.


Using the intuitive Soul-Aligned Branding Method, we will dive into a process that will pull out your most authentic self and anchor the energy of your business visually. This is a playful, powerful, and healing process that will help you grow, gain clarity, and present your work with confidence to the world.


This package includes:

  • the innovative Brand Anchors Exercise

  • mood board

  • color palette

  • integration and creative brainstorming session

  • Transformative process both personally and professionally that moves at your pace


The beauty of this work is that you don't have to rebrand every 2 years or with a each new idea... this powerful package marries the energetic and visual to support and evolve with you!

interested in working together?

Book your 20 minute Complimentary Consult to determine which package would be the best fit.

Note: This intuitive work wouldn't be possible without the work of the Ancestors and those that came before me. In sacred reciprocity, a donation will be made to Queer, Indigenous and Bodies of Culture led organizations, individuals, and communities who contribute to my personal education and healing.

And incase it wasn't clear...

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