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Welcome, I'm sO glad you're here!

I'm excited to share... I WROTE A BOOK!

And would love to share it with you. It's a sacred memoir-ish book that weaves together stories, gifts, and lessons from studying a shamanic path as a multi-generational family of healers.
Signed copies only available here!

*Please check out your favorite local independent bookstore and contact them directly to order!
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I believe in the power of the ripple effect- and my personal calling is to

contribute more healing energy to the planet.


I've worked with clients for 10+ years, and know how to support people through major transition and transformation from afar. Whether you're a Soul-Based Entrepreneur or feel ready to explore your spiritual side in a deeper way...

You're in the right place!


When I work with clients, my job is to listen and create space for your SOUL to guide us.

I'm a "Spiritual Consultant" of sorts. Currently my work is focused on sharing my book with the world.


I'm curious and excited to see what doors open from here!

My clients tend to identify as women, nonbinary, trans and gender non-conforming people who are here to make an impact with their story. Often they take care of people they love, can feel a little lost or isolated, and are ready to find a way forward.


When you're empty, it's time to fill back up! Working 1:1 together means you'll have someone in your corner who believes in you fully and is cheering you on as you carve your unique path in the world! 


Send me a message if you feel called, I have limited spots available for private clients at this time.

Read more about my story... 

"Meg has an uncanny talent for revealing deeper truths. These are insights unavailable to me until she performs her powerful magic in our work together.
Meg is profoundly creative, attuned to mystery, and so very wise."

- Lauren Powers, MCC, Executive Coach 

The book

Spiritually Parented:

A Foot in Both Worlds

Is a book that weaves together stories, gifts and lessons learned from being raised in a household with a devoted sacred practice. It is a mother-daughter story rooted in love, authenticity, and walking a shamanic spiritual path together as a family.


You are also invited to explore your own spirituality through exercises, guided meditations, and embodied practices to feel more connected, at peace, and whole.


Charis' 49th Birthday kickoff event

Book Talk with Linda Bryant, Co-Founder of Charis Books

And to be clear...

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