All of this work is done remotely, so if you have internet/cell service we can connect!


Receive clear, specific guidance about your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School - what you're working on this life time:

  • See what's in your Soul-DNA and what you were put on this Earth to explore

  • Stop the negative patterns and reduce challenges and obstacles

  • Achieve more joy, fulfillment, peace of mind and success

  • Make a more meaningful contribution to the world

This is the first step for working with new clients, and some packages include a Free Fingerprint Analysis!


Aligned Branding

Using the Soul-Aligned Branding Method, we will tap into who you are to create a visual expression of your authentic self and business!


This package includes:

  • the innovative brand anchors exercise

  • mood board

  • color palette and

  • font exploration

Find full alignment between your inner truth with outer expression!


The beauty of this work is that you don't have to rebrand every 2 years or with a each new idea... this foundation package evolves with you!




Each ceremony is co-created between you, me and Spirit and can be done virtually.  Ceremony can be used to:

  • Support in times of change

  • Releasing ceremonies for healing and clearing out what no longer serves you or feels stuck

  • Moving through break ups, divorce, grief, loss, and transition

  • Blessing ceremonies for your business, relationship, birth, and family milestones

  • Celebrating rights of passage

The main focus is on moving out old energy and creating space for more love, joy and balance in your world.

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"Meg has an uncanny talent for revealing deeper truths. These are insights unavailable to me until she performs her powerful magic in our work together. Meg is profoundly creative, attuned to mystery, and so very wise."
- Lauren Powers, MCC, Executive Coach 
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