What if you took 6 months to focus on you and your relationship with Spirit?


This "Soulful Acceleration" process includes:

  • Both energetic and emotional support

  • Tapping into deeper access to Spirit

  • Tuning into your guides and intuition

  • Healing the wounds that have held you back

  • Stepping forward with power, confidence and trusting yourself

To take things to the next level

Re-member the power of who you are.

You ARE a beautiful, loved, creative, soul-aligned being who is on this planet to have a big impact!


You are a helper, healer, and high achiever with a service-oriented heart, but struggles with self-doubt and finding your place in the world. The truth is you're meant to carve your own path!

And you don't have to do it alone.

The Benefits of Somatic-Shamanic Healing:

  • Leave sessions feeling lighter, more grounded and connected to your soul 

  • Clear next steps that feel honoring of where you are and where you want to go next

  • Deeper connection to Spirit/God/The Universe/Higher Power whatever you want to call it!

  • Feel more at ease in your body

  • Learn to access your guides and inner wisdom

  • Connect with Spirit in a way that feels right to you

When you learn to fully LOVE and TRUST yourself, and CONNECT to your intuition and sacred guidance...

You are unstoppable!

  • Your relationships get cleaner, healthier, more connected, and supportive 

  • Your work shifts --> whether you own your own business or work for a company, it's time to get more aligned! Your soul path is calling you... let's dive into the unique contribution you're meant to make!

  • You have a strengthened sense of belonging, finding your people, "soulmate clients", friends and community. You no longer have to hide for fear of being rejected if they knew the real you... the REAL you is gorgeous and complete and ready to THRIVE!

About Meg

I am a second generation Shamanic Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer. My mom was a therapist, reiki practitioner and Spiritual Teacher. She led two Medicine Circles of women for seven years and I was both a student and her apprentice.


I started studying with a Lakota teacher when I was 11, and since then have studied with various shamans and healers throughout the US and South America.

The two main lineages I've studied are the Q'ero tradition from the Andes of Peru and the Lakota Medicine Wheel.


My teacher Don Mariano Quispe Flores from the Q'ero lineage of Peru {on right} and his translator Odon Medina Calsin {on left} after a workshop on Connecting with the Stars.

The Shamanic work I do is a blend of the traditions I've studied pulling together the Lakota Medicine Wheel, the ceremonies from the Andes, movement-healing, intuitive energy work and coaching. My "Secret Sauce" is in  connecting with the body... most energy healers, coaches, and entrepreneurs do not integrate the body into the work they do and are leaving out a HUGE resource and wealth of information.

The BODY is the key to move from Information to Transformation!

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What is your soul saying?
Let's find out!

Book your Complimentary 20 minute Consultation Call 

What does working together

look like?

Typically I work with private clients over the phone 2-3x a month for 6 months. I also offer a single session to get a feel for the work. So if you have cell service/wifi we can connect from anywhere in the world!

The Magic is in the Commitment.


This work DOES require a commitment. It takes a minimum of 6 months to integrate this work into your body, mind, and Spirit. This is an investment experience that is custom created to fit you and what you're looking to create. No cookie-cutter approach. Purely following your energy, intuition and guidance to create an experience your soul has been longing for.

"Soulful Acceleration" Package Includes:

  • Initial hour long visioning session {get clear on what you want the next 6 months to look like}

  • 2 Phone Sessions/month x 6 months 

  • Completion session at the end to acknowledge and celebrate all the work you've done!



  • Scientific Fingerprint Analysis Included for FREE! Read more

  • Email support between sessions

  • Laser 15 minute call available as needed

Let's dive in and find what makes your soul sparkle!!

Transparent Pricing


I know the frustration of connecting with a practitioner, feeling like their work could really help me... and then being floored by the cost of working together. Most coaches do not providing pricing up front on their website... but I'm not most coaches! I encourage people to GUT CHECK EVERYTHING. If this work pulls you, let's jump on a 20 minute Consultation Call to see how I can best support you.

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ONE time 


Monthly Retainer $500.png

Break it down monthly!

Pay in Full $3,000.png

Pay in Full

for 6 months

"I’m so grateful for my work with Meg. It has transformed the way I show up in my life. At work, in my relationships, with my family, and most importantly how I feel about myself. People are noticing! They say, "Wow, you've never been so confident in who you are!" I now know it’s ok to love myself-- and make decisions for ME from that love. This work is life changing.”
- Jolene Goerend, Teacher and Activist

A portion of all services rendered goes to support and invest in Queer, Bodies of Culture led organizations, individuals, teachers and communities who have taught and contributed to my own growth and learning. Working with the concept of "Ayni" or Sacred Reciprocity from the Andean tradition and honoring the exchange of wisdom, work, and energy that allows me to do the work I do. With Gratitude.

*If you sign up for a 6 month package, you receive the Fingerprint Analysis for FREE!

All new clients I work with begin​ with a Fingerprint Analysis, adding structure and a powerful tool to the beginning of our working relationship... by reading your prints we get a sense of your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School... more info here!