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Energy healing


Re-member the Power  of who You   are.

If you've landed here... you're probably in the midst of a big transition in your life. Whether personally,  professionally or both... You are NOT alone. My guess is you're seeking guidance, support, and space to sort through both the logical and emotional pieces to the puzzle of taking a big step forward.

Many of my clients are helpers, healers, and high achievers who also have a service-oriented heart but struggle with self-doubt and finding their place in the world. If that sounds like you... you're in the right place!

I customize the work we do to fit what you need: whether that be clearing away stuck energy, calling in your guides and higher wisdom to move your business forward with confidence, or creating a ceremony to honor a milestone in your life, or those you love.

This is powerful healing medicine and many clients have reported:

  • Feeling lighter, more grounded and connected to their own wisdom after sessions

  • Having a plan that feels aligned and exciting to pursue

  • Developing a deeper connection to Spirit/God/The Universe/whatever you want to call it!

  • Learning to access their guides and intuitive gifts

  • Leaving more at ease, relaxed, and confident

When you truly step into LOVING and TRUSTING yourself

Everything can change...

  • Your relationships get cleaner, healthier, more connected, and supportive- keeping the right people around

  • Your work shifts --> whether you own your own business or work for a company, it's time to get more aligned! Your soul path is calling you... let's dive into the unique contribution you're meant to make!

  • You have a strengthened sense of belonging, finding your people, "soulmate clients", friends and community. 

Payment plans are available. If you don't have access to Zelle or direct deposit, you can use Paypal or a credit card by adding a 3% processing fee. Link for payment will be emailed after Consult session.

*If you sign up for the whole-soul entrepreneur package, you will receive the Fingerprint Analysis for FREE!

Scientific Fingerprint Analysis adds structure and a powerful tool to understanding your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School... more info here!   

Whole Soul Entrepreneur Package includes:

  • Custom created Ceremony to remove blocks and bless your business moving forward

  • Mood board, color palette, and intuitive brand anchors

  • 3 coaching/healing calls to support emotional and energetic movement

  • Email in between sessions

  • 15 minute laser call as needed

  • Bonus gift as directed by Spirit

About Meg

I am a second generation Shamanic Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer. 
I started studying with a Lakota teacher when I was 11, and since then have studied with various shamans and healers throughout the US and South America.

The two main lineages I've studied are the Q'ero tradition from the Andes of Peru and the Lakota Medicine Wheel.

The energy work I do is a blend of the shamanic traditions I've studied, 25+ years of movement-healing work, reiki and intuitive coaching.


My teacher Don Mariano Quispe Flores from the Q'ero lineage of Peru {on right} and his translator Odon Medina Calsin {on left} after a workshop on Connecting with the Stars.

My "Secret Sauce" is connecting people deeper to the wisdom of the body... most energy healers, coaches, and spiritual teachers do not integrate the body at all and are leaving out a HUGE resource and wealth of information.

Curious if this work is right for you?
Take a moment and breathe, listen into your gut, and reach out if it pulls you. Happy to answer any questions!

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