Meg is an Experiential Speaker who invites her audiences to connect deeper with themselves, their Spirit, and one another. She is here to move people - speaking with groups of 20-200, she gets audiences up and engaged! Blending levity, humor and deep content... she brings a unique perspective on leadership and body-wisdom.

Possible Topics:

Intuition and Innovation

- Practical tools to get present in your body

- Lead from within: turn up the volume on your inner wisdom

- Discover your unique voice and contribution


Staying Grounded in Times of Uncertainty

- Using the body as a resource to re-center and stay grounded when you're triggered

- Relaxing into the present moment rather than forcing, worrying or overthinking

- Shifting your mindset from reactive to responsive

Leading with the Body

- Listen to your body’s messages before you get sick, injured, or burnt out

- Discover where your purpose and intuition live in your body

- Learn to make decisions from a body-centered perspective

Speaking Example:

Ignite Denver 27: Listen! Your Body is Talking to You

Past Notable Events:

World Class Speaker with Jon Block - October 2017

Ignite Denver 27 - August 2017

Georgia Tech University - April 2017