What is Scientific Hand Analysis? 

Over the last 40 years, Richard Unger developed this system from reading over fifty-thousand pairs of hands. He founded the International Institute for Hand Analysis in 1985. This methodology combines the ancient art of hand-reading, scientific data, and the latest advances in human psychology and neuroscience. It is NOT “fortune-telling” but rather uses the lines, ridges and prints of your hands to reveal your innate purpose, challenges, blind spots, and more.

If you'd like to read more, here's an article by my teacher Jayne Sanders, Master Hand Analyst...

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Scientific Fingerprint Analysis can help you:

• Confirm you are on the right track

• Make a more meaningful contribution to the world

• Become a better leader, manager, and person

• Know your Life Lesson; learn from it to make better choices and improve your life; stop the negative patterns and reduce challenges and obstacles

• Achieve more joy, fulfillment, peace of mind and success

Clients describe this method as: “life-changing, fascinating, shockingly accurate, mind-blowing, and amazing!”


Scientific Fingerprint Analysis can cut through the doubts, confusion and vagueness of other methodologies guiding you to find your “Spiritual Life Purpose.” What if it was at the tips of your fingers the whole time!

The lines in your palms mimic the neural pathways in your brain. Consistent thought and behavior patterns not only mark your brain but also your hands. The more frequent and/or intense the thoughts and behaviors, the more defined the lines in your hands. Neurologists, geneticists, therapists, and coaches are fast adopting this compelling, complex, and accurate modality.


The Fingerprints provide deeply profound guidance. Your fingerprints are formed in utero at 14-16 weeks and NEVER change. This blueprint consisting of lines, shapes and prints, reveals your innate purpose, your challenges and blind spots, special gifts and talents, and more. 

When you get a Scientific Fingerprint Analysis, you learn about "The Three Biggies"

  • Life School: Your Spiritual School: We are all here to master certain aspects of life, and were born with various levels of development of our soul. Your school will show up in all areas of your life—you can’t escape it. When you understand which spiritual school you are in, and its challenging elements, you will get more clarity on how to achieve and live your purpose.

  • Life Lesson: Everyone is born with an amazing life purpose and also a foundational challenge, or life lesson, which is your key weakness or blind spot that needs to be worked on in order to step fully into your purpose. Your life lesson is the “key to your hand”…learning this aspect is enormously empowering and life-changing…IF you take action on this information!

  • Life Purpose: Your reason for being here. Your purpose is not specifically what you do, rather it is who you are, how you live your life, how you contribute to the world, how you are meant to make a difference. You then decide, often with support and Purpose Coaching, how to joyfully express that purpose through your work in a way that is fulfilling to you.

Here’s What You Receive:

  • A handprint kit to take your prints, with instructions

  • Meg' complete analysis of your fingerprints in advance of your session

  • A full one-hour Zoom Video Call to receive the amazing information in your hands, which includes:

    • Your innate life purpose

    • Your life school (the over-arching energy of your life)

    • Your life lesson (your biggest obstacle to living on purpose)

  • A short written summary report of your key information

  • A 45 minute Integration phone call a few weeks later to ask questions, get additional clarity and briefly explore if Integration Coaching is a good fit for you

What is the investment for this positive impact

on the rest of your life?

Meg's fee is $300

~ For analysis + 1 hour zoom call + follow up Integration call to help clear energetic blocks and fully step into your Purpose ~


Others charge $500+ for a fingerprint analysis and don’t include an Integration Call to help you apply what you've learned to living a life aligned with your purpose!

*Meg usually charges $250/session, so this is like getting two calls for the price of one!

**Shipping to a US address is $5. If international, please email before purchasing.

The second option is to purchase the Fingerprint Analysis on its own for $175.

You'll receive a short summary report and 1 hour Zoom call to go over your analysis. This package does NOT include an Integration Call, which is highly recommended as the information provided can be a lot to process, and having a second call a few weeks later helps clients "unpack" and take action towards applying and putting their new knowledge into action. This is offered as a stand-alone option.

Curious about the whole process?

  • Once payment is received and your shipping address is confirmed, an ink kit will be mailed to you.

  • Take your prints and mail them back to me (Trackable!) Make sure you keep a copy for yourself.

  • Then you'll receive an email confirming I've received your prints and that they're readable.

  • The turn around time right now is 2-3 weeks after confirming I've received your prints.

  • Once I've completed your analysis (this is all done before we meet)-- you'll receive an email with a calendar link to make it easy for you to schedule your Zoom Call.

  • We'll jump on a 1 hour Zoom video call and I'll share your analysis with you! 

  • After our call, I'll send you a short summary report and we'll schedule your Integration call {if your package includes it} a few weeks later.

So excited to work together and reveal what's at your fingertips!

What are clients saying?

"Getting the fingerprint analysis report was an extremely validating experience for me.  It clarified everything that I’ve been feeling in my gut for a few years (but never really had certainty about). 
I feel completely reinvigorated in my purpose in my world, who I am becoming, and the work I am pursuing.  This experience came at the perfect time when I had been starting to feel less motivated and doubt what I originally thought I was capable of.  Now I honestly feel refreshed and even more driven to get back to work on making my dreams happen."  Liz Mason, Meditation Coach

"Creepily accurate, in a good way!  I feel like it makes it easier to start from the inside and from my truth. The fingerprint analysis feels like starting at the source, and giving me direction to incorporate my truth and light into my outer world.  To me, this makes a lot more sense than the other way around. I love the blend of science and spirit. I like that the facts are in my fingertips and the path is in my soul."  Kristi D. Senior Data Analyst


"The fingerprint analysis changed my perspective on areas of my life where I was feeling very insecure about myself. I was feeling guilt and shame about what I want and desire, because I felt it was egotistical. Now I know and understand that it is my true path to be a teacher and share what I know, and that I don't have to be perfect, but present.


The day after the analysis reading was my first day back teaching massage therapy, and I have to say, my perception and confidence about myself as a teacher did a 180 degree change. I am very grateful for the insights received and I can't wait for my full potential as a visionary leader and artist in the spotlight to evolve!"  

Celeste F. Massage Therapist/Teacher

**This Instructional video is for clients who've received their kit and are ready to take their prints!**