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"Stoke your Inner Fire and 

Clear that Shit!"

Tuesday, December 31st from 1-4pm

Let's end 2019 with a Clearing Ceremony: move what no longer serves you and refocus on stoking your Inner Fire!


About this Event

This experiential workshop invites you to participate in letting go of what no longer serves you from the year. To clear out any lingering energy from the past and make space for the new to come in.

There will be:

  • Guided Meditation

  • Energetic healing

  • Saging/smudging

  • Movement exercises

  • Writing

  • Ritual drawing from Shamanic end of year practices


Meg Gibbs follows a Shamanic path and has worked with indigenous teachers and healers for the last 20 years. Her spiritual lineage is specifically Peruvian from Q'ero in the Andes of Peru and her studies with a Lakota teacher. Meg's work combines energetic, emotional, dance, and ceremony to support people in moving into relationship with their Intuition and Spirit. She is a Certified Professional Coach and uses those skills to support clients in following their Calling.

This end of year ceremony is an invitation to let go of what's holding you back (in your thoughts, feelings, energy, or in your body). It's an evaluative process to help realign with your Soul and tune into the truth of who you are-- clearing out all that isn't needed.

All faith backgrounds welcome. No experience with Shamanic Ceremony necessary. All you have to do is breathe and be present. Your presence, voice and energy contribute to ceremony.

You are loved. You are held. You are allowed to show up exactly where you are.


**Space limited to 12 people.

** The doors will be locked at 1:05pm to create the sacred container. Please be on time. Street parking is plentiful.

** Please come into this space sober, with respect to the work.


What to bring:

Water bottle, comfortable clothes to move in, journal and pen, snacks if you want them!


Look forward to meeting you in Sacred circle!

Workshop Info:

Tuesday, December 31st: 1pm - 4pm

Location: A Living Arts Centre

2231 South Platte River Drive, Denver, CO 80223


Cancellation Policy: Tickets are refundable 48 hours in advance. Please email: meggibbscoach@gmail.com.

If within 48 hours of the event, tickets are transferable but non-refundable.