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Discover the beauty of Ceremony


I LOVE co-creating ceremonies with people, whether that be to celebrate for a right of passage, handling grief, blessing a new home, facing a big transition, or welcoming in a new chapter of your life. 

What comes up for you when you think of Ceremony?

I've been intuitively creating ceremonies since I was a kid, and was blessed to have been raised with the tradition of taking time to honor something special by creating Sacred Space. Sometimes that's as small as lighting a candle or as big as multi-day rituals to honor someone's passing.

Each ceremony is done with great respect and is a special unique experience. I learned I loved creating ceremonies over the years when I was asked to lead them for friends and family. I've created ceremonies to bless the next chapter in your life (a home, a pet, a child), getting centered before a client's wedding day, and created an interfaith sacred experience for a client to honor a family member who passed away. Each time listening to what's needed: both on a personal and energetic level.


**This can be virtual or in person. Have really enjoyed doing Zoom ceremonies, or holding space on the phone (transmitting the energy, sometimes sending pictures) and clients experience the same level of support, transformation and impact as in person!

What makes a co-creative approach different?

One thing I found missing in the shamanic realm, is that many teachers share teachings with a one-sided approach. "This is what I'm here to share and now the students will receive it." There's not always space for what comes up in the moment or time to debrief an experience. As a trained coach and Sacred Leader, I take the approach of welcoming what's happening in the moment. With the people, the energy, and Spirit.


Listening to what wants to happen in the moment. So while I do come in with an agenda and clear intentions-- I always make space to be taught in the moment, by who I'm working with. That makes each ceremony unique to the people present. And it is a gift to move with Spirit in this way. Always listening deeply to what is being asked of us and how to move forward.

Image by Francesca Tosolini
Image by Luz Mendoza

One speciality     is "House Clearings"

I love coming to people's homes and attuning to the energy of the space-- of what it's wanting. How it's being used. Or unused. Together we'll walk through the space together either with video or just phone (I've been doing long distance energy work for 8 years) and can tap into the space. The "right time" to do a house/space clearing is when it feels right to you. Sometimes this happens when someone buys a new home, is going through a divorce, experienced a loss of a loved one, or is wanting to renew their space. Together we create intention and blessings to shift the energy of the space, and sometimes the physical space too!

Houses talk to me, the way people do-- "I like this, I don't like that." "This part feels heavy." "This space needs more air or light." They have opinions and requests. And what I love about this work is the connection between working on the house and working on the person. You too will receive some energy work and clearing. Imagine your own personal attunement along with the healing of your home. 

Alter3closeup - Copy.JPG
"I asked Meg to sage and help clear out the energy in my house after some big changes in my life. Meg showed up exactly on time and was extremely prepared with everything she might need. I had never done a ceremony like this before and was unsure what would happen. Meg did a great job explaining everything and was very thorough when going through the house as well as doing some ceremony outside. She had insight into some things that she could not have known about (since we hadn’t talked about it) and she was able to make recommendations based on what she heard intuitively. My home has felt more like mine since she did the ceremony and I couldn’t be happier with Meg. I would highly recommend her!" 
- Amanda Peterson, House Clearing Client

We see what is wanted both by the home {maybe new towels or some plants} and what it's time to let go of {some clutter or an old piece of furniture from an ex}. You are very much a part of the process. Walking with me, room to room and helping to re-enliven and create new intentions with your space.

Attuning the energy of your physical space can have a radical impact on your health and wellbeing. When we are aligned on a physical and energetic level, we have more peace, hope, safety and trust in our surroundings and in our hearts.

Please email me to discuss co-creating a unique ceremony for you!

Ceremonies, ritual, and rights of passage are powerful tools to free up blocked energy. And move into YOUR next highest level with   support, ease and joy!  


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Important Note:

  • Fees for travel arrangements will be included in quote. Virtual Ceremony pricing starts at $250 for one individual. Send me a message to discuss pricing for couples, groups, or working together in person in Denver.

  • I do not use plant medicine or hallucinogenic substances in Ceremony. And request my clients come sober in respect for the work. 

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