Another way to work together is

through Ceremony

I LOVE co-creating ceremonies for people, whether that be for a right of passage, handling grief, blessing a new home, facing a big transition, or welcoming in a new chapter of your life. 

Please email me to discuss creating a unique ceremony for you!

Rates start at $250 for a local ceremony in Denver, and possibilities include creating a Peruvian Despacho {offering to Mother Earth}, a cleansing ceremony, connecting with nature, blessing your home or business... let's talk about your vision and how to honor this special moment in your life through Ceremony.

*Fees for my travel arrangements will be included in a quote if outside of Denver.

"Meg could coach any client with grace and depth, and I think she excels given big energy. 
She sees through patterns like she’s got superhero powers to do so. I am truly delighted
our paths intersected and I am forever changed from our work." 
- Karen Pery, Experiential Leadership Coach

Let's find what lights up your Soul!