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Updated: Feb 19

Let's start with some good news... 🥁 🥁 🥁 drumroll please...


Right before the New Year! Thank YOU for contributing to this project, believing in me, and trusting this will come to fruition. The presale money goes to the publisher to pay for editors, book cover design, and printing costs. I truly couldn't have done this without you.

In this Welcome post, I want to let you know what to expect here in this space:

  • First off, the link to this is private and only shared with Supporters of the pre-sale campaign

  • You are the only ones who will have access to info. behind the scenes and will get the chance to vote on certain aspects of the process (like the book cover once we get there! The pic above is just a placeholder).

  • I am SO excited to include you in the process!

Currently we are deep in the revisions phase. It's a very intensive 16 week process in which I had to cut literally half the first draft. I wrote over 115,000 words in my rough first draft. To anyone outside the writer's world... that equals about 460 pages... whew! Yes, I had a lot to say, but they're not all diamonds so editing is key! Essentially the first draft was too long and too many words.

So with the help of my publishing team, editors, and support, the goal is to whittle it down to 60,000 words. (Meaning yes, I basically wrote two books worth of content).

I will post here intermittently because the focus is of course on editing the book to get from the first draft to the finished product in the next 5 months.

One of the focuses of my book is to include opportunities for the reader to practice Embodiment. To me, working with energy in the body can lead to true transformation and I wanted to share a short 1 minute practice to play with!

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