Hi I'm Meg,

I use she/they pronouns, and I love connecting, having deep soulful conversations, enjoying high quality ice cream and believe glitter makes things better!


I am a Somatic Spiritual Guide, steeped in a Shamanic lineage, and Master Intuitive Coach. It took me years to truly claim and own this identity, so I understand what it's like to be a "secret healer." And not necessarily be ready to share your gifts with the world.

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As a Somatic Coach with a background in modern dance for the last 20+ years, I take a body-centered approach to all I do. I noticed a "hole" in the system where in dance class there wasn't space for reflection, in spiritual seminars people were sitting down for eight hours a day, and then workshops often the focus was on information and not transformation. I seek the fill that hole by creating sacred spaces for women and LGBTQ+ folks to step into and claim their truth, power, and realign with their intuition.

I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, creators and trailblazers who are seekers, looking to finally get out of their way and play full out!


I LOVE helping people unlock their divine calling and amplify their natural impact. The first step is truly being able to tune in and listen to Spirit. 

I have worked with various shamans and healers from the US and South America since childhood, specifically teachers in the Lakota and Andean Q’ero tradition of Peru. I am honored to be a mesa carrier.  In my work I blend ritual, movement and magic with more traditional coaching methods to create a unique solution to whatever my clients are facing. I have been teaching in the dance and personal growth realm for over 15 years.






I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, member of the International Coach Federation and graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program-- these transformational experiences inform my work every day! And as a true life long learner, I studied Scientific Fingerprint Analysis with Jayne Sanders, a Master Hand Analyst in Denver, CO. Offering fingerprint analysis remotely to my clients is a joy-- allowing us to balance the intuitive and data-driven results to support you in getting aligned with your purpose.


Most of my clients tend to identify as women, but I work with all gender identities. I love working with the LGBTQ community. About half my clients identify as queer, trans, and non-binary. I know first-hand the impact of working with someone in the community and the relief of not having to explain and give context of your identity before getting started with the real deep work you're here to do.

"Meg is an outstanding coach.  I went to one of her group classes and it was absolutely magical.  Not only did I get more in touch with my body and spirit, I also learned how to bring that connection into everyday life.  If you are going through a life transition or simply want an energetic "tune up" I could not recommend her highly enough." 

- M.F., Clinical Social Worker


"You held me with deep compassion through one of the most challenging seasons of my life. There are a lot of great coaches in the world: talented, well trained, compassionate, intuitive, focused. Meg is the next level. I write this as a client and as a professional coach – I have a ridiculously high standard for choosing my guides. I am intuitive, I wanted someone deeply connected to her intuition who uses her wisdom and knowing as a foundation above and beyond any coaching technique. I wanted to work with someone to help me to embody what I know and to listen to my body’s wisdom."                 

- Karen Pery, Experiential Leadership Coach


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